The Realm

Do you know all the locations in The Realm?

Armories – Located both north and south of The City, the armories are storehouses for every kind of weapon that is legally produced in The Realm.

Aurora Mountains – Snow-capped all year long, these mountains house the Gem Caverns. These mountains also have transparent centers and are different colors depending on what time of year it is. They are full of all manner of cryophilic life.

Creation Complex – Located in the northeast corner of The City, this is where the Creation Cocoons and Recovery Beds are housed. All of the brethren that come into existence from a cocoon are birthed here.

Destiny Windows – Located in the northwest mountains, these long, stained glass panels contained the names and the deeds of every brother born into The Realm.

Forever Forests – Located in the extreme southwest region of The Realm, these forests consist of many different types of trees, elements, and stone huts. It is one of the few places in The Realm where names spoken will not turn into whispers.

Gem Caverns – Caverns located in the Aurora Mountains. Organic gems are grown in the caverns for every use in The Realm.

Mercury Pit – Located north by northwest from The Tower, it consists of a huge circular cavern that overflows with superheated mercury, surrounded by meters and meters of bronze gravel.

Mini City of the Arch Wizdors – Located north of The City, the region where the Arch Wizdors live.

Sanctuary – Located 2000 kilometers directly above the far west side of The City, Sanctuary is a secondary place of worship with no limits as to musical structure. All brethren experience Sanctuary worship once per week.

StoneWork Circle Gardens – Located slightly southeast of The Grove, it is a circular garden that houses various works of art, all made of stone.

Sun Squadron Complex – An apartment complex located east of The City in the Outlands. It is where all current members of the Sun Squadron reside.

Tartarus – The ultimate garbage dump for The Realm, where all waste products are deposited. The above ground trash dumps, such as the Grey Circle, have their refuse transported into Tartarus at least once per month.

The City – 60,999 square kilometer region where most of the brethren in The Realm live, full of apartment buildings and spires.

The Crystal Sea – Located far north by northwest from The City, it is a large body of liquid comprised of diamonds, oxygen, crystals, water and transparent gold in amorphous states. The Crystal Sea can assume liquid, solid, or gaseous form.

The Forbidden Mountains – Located far north and slightly east of The City, they are a series of mountains that are off limits to every single class of brethren.

The Garden – An exclusive, vegetation based garden located far north and slightly west of The City. It is southwest of the Crystal Sea. It contains plant life and other substances of every type not found anywhere else in The Realm. It is accessed by direct permission from The Throne only.

The Great Hall – Located in The Valley, it is the main place of worship for the brethren, and the space where both Early and Late Gatherings are held.

The Great Hill – A large mound capped by diamonds. It consists of jewels, metals, stone, and wood, covered by enormous amounts of dirt. Brethren are assigned to mine whichever element is available depending on the season.

The Grey Circle – One of the trash heaps and garbage compacting stations near The City.

The Grove – Located 200 kilometers southwest of The Valley, The Grove contains the food supply for The Realm, housing all manner of fruits and vegetables as well as The Leaves. It contains various kinds of other trees and plant life. It also is where Raphael the Healer has his office.

The Holy River – Running through the southwest corner of The Realm, it extends far west of The City. Any water drawn from it will purify whatever it touches, and burn whatever is evil. It also used to water the organic gems growing in the Gem Caverns.

The Leaves – Grown on The Tree of Life, they are golden brown in color. They contain life giving and healing properties and can repair any and all damage done to the brethren in the course of their service to The Throne.

The Oratory – A large, impenetrable building/complex located north of The City where the brethren are required to go no more than once per year to fast, meditate and study. It is also the place where the Zoroasim are castrated, and where all of the silk garments for The Realm are made.

The Outlands – Lands outside of the east City limits. The east Outlands are where the Sun Squadron complex resides, as well as the Sun Door.

The Sun Door – Located due east from The City in the Outlands, the Sun Door is the access point for the sun itself as well as interstellar space.

The Tower – Located in the exact center of The City, The Tower is a spire the stretches above every other building around it. It is a place of information, digital workstations, commerce, mediation, and socialization amongst the brethren.

The Valley – Located far south of The City, known for its blue, yellow and green pastures, it is a massive swath of acreage, filled with ever descending hills. The Great Hall is located here.

Treasuries – The buildings that house all of the wealth of The Realm. Their location changes every 24 hours, as the building itself teleports to another location once a day. These locations are known only to The Throne and to the twelve guardians inside each Treasury, a class of brethren known as the Zoroasim.